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The Cost of Poor Health, Inaction
Poor health is a significant contributor to the gross domestic product of our economy. However it is a false contributor. A country's economy is like your house. You can keep spending money and time fixing a house that keeps deteriorating quickly or you can have a house that deteriorates more slowly and put more of your money and time into upgrading or adding an addition. An economy full of sick people is a house deteriorating quickly.

  • Alzheimer's is growing at a rate of epidemic proportions. The financial burden of Alzheimer's is projected to increase to $1.1 trillion by 2050.

Our Gut Feelin' course is in two parts: Discovering your body, and Bashing Superstitions. 
Discovering Your Body has 16 steps. These steps guide you towards learning what you are designed to eat. Steps 1-4 are preparation steps. Steps 5-13 are iterative steps. Steps 14-16 are closure steps.
Bashing Superstitions has 85 superstitions about food that I have heard that simply aren’t true. If you do not change your beliefs about food then you will not change what you eat. You need to be enlightened about what is and isn’t true about food, to know what you should actually be eating.