Stress, Anxiety

You have stress that doesn't go away.

Food is a major influence of mental stress.
Yet our culture doesn't adequately address
this vital connection.

We at Gut Feelin' do.

Discover what you're designed
to and not to eat for
your precious brain's health.

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A beautifully designed car with the wrong fuel will not work properly. There is nothing wrong with the car. It’s just getting the wrong fuel. Fill it with the correct fuel and it will run properly.

With even more sophistication, you’re beautifully designed. And with the wrong food you will not function properly.

Your brain is a physical organ just like your heart, lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, skin and so on. All of your organs need to be nutritionally fed to function properly – especially your brain. You see, your brain uses over 20% of the energy that you consume. That’s a lot. Pound for pound, it’s the biggest hog for food. Every time the brain is thinking, which is always, it needs to make and wire up new neurons to process and store the new thoughts. It needs the proper nutrition and sufficient energy to properly make working neurons. If you eat junk, it strains to make thoughts and memories with sub quality material. This strain stresses you out. However the brain is a social organ. So, it thinks of social reasons …stressed because of the boss… of the spouse… of the money… of the…. Listen, the boss, spouse, money, or whatever, are what your brain is designed to think about. It’s trying to do its job. But your thoughts are hampered, distorted, impeded, stressed from running on the wrong fuel.

You’re told that psychotic drugs are the only alternative. There are no other alternatives. When I heard this, I thought the claim was absurd. Not for a moment, did I believe that there were no alternatives. How can anyone believe that there are no alternatives?

Here how I know ther are alternatives. Psychotic drugs are either ingested or injected and eventually get into your blood. A small dose, a tiny pill, of a psychotic drug, thinly diluted throughout your blood, is enough to change how the brain responds. This is proof that your blood’s chemistry affects the mind. You know that sipping coffee; drinking alcohol, smoking cannabis; snorting cocaine; injecting hallucinogens affect you mind. The food you choose to eat also affects the blood chemistry which in turn also affects your mind. And the wrong foods will leave you stressed out of your skull. The correct foods, natural nutritious clean foods, the foods you’re meant to eat, will nourish your brain and destress your mind. In other words, there is an alternative.

So! Eat the foods you’re designed to eat. Don’t eat what someone else designed for you to eat.

This is a good paradigm. Except our culture does not know what we’re designed to and not to eat, not your parents, nor your physician, nor your psychiatrist, nor your friends, your dietitian, your religious leaders, nor the commercials on television, radio, nor social media, and especially not the government food guide.

You put a carrot and a mouse before a cat and a rabbit. The rabbit nibbles the carrot and the cat chases the mouse. All the animals and creatures know what to eat except us. We, humans, supposedly the most intelligent of them all, are the only ones who do not know what to and not eat. Well, then who knows? Who?

Your gut knows! You see, the design of your body that defines it as a human is the same as it was at the beginning of human kind. And I'm certain, absolutely certain, that the designer of all things put into the gut of all animals, including us humans, the instinct to know what to and not to eat.

Now if you learn something, which is different that your instincts, the learned knowledge clouds the instinct.

So you haven’t been listening to your gut. You’ve been listening to the seemingly sensible but erroneous paradigms of your culture. Gut Feelin’ can think of 85 seemingly sensible but erroneous catch phrases about food that your culture accepts as defacto.

For example. “Eat a balanced diet.” I don’t know what this means. My interpretation is "eat some of everything”. So, cereal, cake, ice cream, bread, French fries, cookies, hamburger helper, Pizza, cane sugar, pure corn oil, Macaroni and cheese, are necessities for a proper diet. Yeah? No! Well maybe if you “Eat in moderation”. Moderation? What is that? How much is moderation? Well! It’s ¾ the amount that you normally eat or is it ½? It’s never more. Or is it? … I don’t know. But if you’ve eaten what you think moderation is and you’re still hungry. Then obviously you’ve got the portions wrong and need more cake or seconds of macaroni. Right? Wrong!

Now, let me give you an example of listening to your gut. Have you ever eaten a healthy nutritious meal ‘til you’re stuffed full and then about 15 to 20 minutes later you’re opening the refrigerator door looking for something to eat because you’re still hungry? Yeah! Well, this is your gut telling you that your “healthy nutritious” meal wasn’t a healthy nutritious meal after all. Your gut’s still looking for the foods that you’re designed to eat for your body and especially for your brain.

And now, you’re stressed to the point of seeking professional help.

Once your brain is working with proper nutrition, you’ll manage the woes of your life without being stressed out. And isn’t that’s how it should be?

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Our modern health care has a plethora of solutions that addresses the symptoms of poor health rather than the cause. A major cause of deaths is from prescription medicine that manages the symptoms of a "chronic" disorder. Because if this, our medical industry is overwhelmed with these chronic cases. We keep throwing more money, more personal, more resources to "manage" the problem rather than solving it. Are you on one or more medical prescriptions for life?

Our Vision
  • We don’t need more doctors. We need fewer sick people.
  • We don’t need more hospitals. We need fewer sick people.
  • We don’t need more medicine. We need fewer sick people.
  • We don’t need more intensive care. We need fewer sick people.
  • We don’t need more nursing homes. We need fewer sick people.
  • We, need to fill our food stores, with the foods, we are designed to eat for our health.
Do you resonate with this vision? Would you like to be a part of its reality, help make it happen? Would you like to be healthier and want the same for everyone? Do you want to know what you are actually designed to and not to eat?

Come. Join our community. Be a Gut Feeler like us, with us, together. Together, this vision will come true.
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Founder's Story, William Bird
  • This is my story! At 5’-4” (161cm), I was obese. I weighed 212lbs. (93.4kgm) (15st 2lbs). I had to grab a chair or table in order to stand up from the floor. So embarrassing! My wife, always hounded me, about how unacceptably fat I was. I found it difficult to keep the weight off. None, of the diets I tried, worked. I was frustrated and always hungry.
  • Mentally I had  anxiety attacks, stress,
  • Physically, I had arthritis, heartburn, chronic coughing, sleep apnea, chest pains, and in January of 2018, my dear doctor told me that I was diabetic.
  • Now, I didn’t take this diabetic news as a devastating blow. You see, this was my incentive to fix my health. We agreed that the first thing I should do is drop my weight. She referred me to a dietitian.
  • The dietitian asked me to journal my daily consumption of food. After a few weeks, I had a problem. I knew the value of writing down what I eat but the journal format just wasn’t working.
  • I purchased some takeout. At first, I felt fine, but then I felt so stretched. I knew right then, I had eaten the wrong food. The next morning when I weighed myself, I was up a disappointing 2.5lbs (1.1kg). When I ate the takeout, I knew I’d weigh more the next morning. I could feel it in my gut.
  • Now, the journal showed me “when” I ate the takeout, but “when” doesn’t matter. What matters is that I ate it and how I felt.
  • So I made a chart of rows and columns. Each column had a feeling for a title. I’d eat something. 15 to 20 minutes later I paid attention to how I felt. I entered into the chart, what I ate, under the feeling, which I had.
  • As, the metric of success was weight, I recorded my weight each day. I did not measure my food portions, nor count calories, nor count points, nor use an app, nor take supplements, nor go the gym, nor workout enough to contribute it to weight loss, nor have bariatric surgery. I did not follow the food guide.
  • If I’m eating properly, my body tells me, that I’ve eaten enough. I did not restrict myself to meals, at certain times of the day. When I was hungry, I ate. When I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t eat. My body decided, not the clock.
  • Mentally, I no longer have anxiety attacks, or chest pains. I can tolerate muzak, I'm less angry with my family.
  • Physically, I’ve lost 60 lbs in 18 months. I no longer have arthritis, heartburn, chronic coughing, sleep apnea,  And as unexpected bonuses, my nails are strong; the hair in my head is tightly attached; my skin looks great. My heart rate dropped from high 90s to low 70s. I no longer have high blood pressure. I can now stand up from the middle of the floor without grabbing anything. And to my doctor’s surprise, I’m no longer diabetic. And the best of all, my wife hugs me more. Can’t beat that. I’m 69.
  • I’m not a medical practitioner, I’m not a dietitian, If I was I wouldn’t be able to put this together. You see, they are bound by their government license to promote the government food guide. If they deviate from it, they’ll lose their lively hood. I’m simply a person just like you, who was frustrated with my weight and health.
  • However, I’ve discovered the cause of my illnesses, the fountain of youth, and I’m compelled to share my discovery. I feel an obligation to teach it. For I know that this solution doesn’t just work for me but it will work for you. I know this because I know, my physiology, how my body is made, isn’t unique; it is that of a human just like you. So if it works for me, it will work for you as well. Make sense?
POOR Health costs image
The Cost of Poor Health, Inaction
Poor health is a significant contributor to the gross domestic product of our economy. However it is a false contributor. A country's economy is like your house. You can keep spending money and time fixing a house that keeps deteriorating quickly or you can have a house that deteriorates more slowly and put more of your money and time into upgrading or adding an addition. An economy full of sick people is a house deteriorating quickly.

  • Alzheimer's is growing at a rate of epidemic proportions. The financial burden of Alzheimer's is projected to increase to $1.1 trillion by 2050.

Our Gut Feelin' course is in two parts: Discovering your body, and Bashing Superstitions. 
Discovering Your Body has 16 steps. These steps guide you towards learning what you are designed to eat. Steps 1-4 are preparation steps. Steps 5-13 are iterative steps. Steps 14-16 are closure steps.
Bashing Superstitions has 85 superstitions about food that I have heard that simply aren’t true. If you do not change your beliefs about food then you will not change what you eat. You need to be enlightened about what is and isn’t true about food, to know what you should actually be eating.
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